Carnival Phantasm (カーニバル・ファンタズム, Kānibaru Fantazumu) is a parody anime based on Take Moon (テイクムーン, Teiku Mūn), a Tsukihime parody manga created by Eri Takenashi, the author of Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens and character designer of Girls' Work. It also uses stories based on doujins collected in official anthologies. It places characters of the Fate and Tsukihime series into various comedic situations. It introduces three new Neco-Arcs, Neco-Arc Bubbles‎, Neco-Arc Destiny‎, and Neco-Arc Evolution. There are currently no plans for a film version.

Episode List Edit

# Title Original Airdate
01 The 5th Great Clash of the Magicians: The Holy Grail War

Dai-go-ji Majutsushi Dai-gekitosu Chikichiki Seihai Sensō (第5次魔術師大激突チキチキ聖杯戦争)

August 12,2011