Scream of a Mad Beast
Fate Zero Ep 05
Kanji 凶獣咆吼
Romaji Kyoujuu Houkou
Episode Number 5
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Fate/Zero Episode 04
Next Episode Fate/Zero Episode 06
Japanese October 30, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Oath Sign
Ending Memoria

"Scream of a Mad Beast" is the 5th episode of Fate/Zero.


Rider follows up his incredible entrance by offering to allow Lancer and Saber to become his allies if they forfeit the Grail. Naturally, both of them refuse. Lancer’s Master reveals himself, recognizing Waver and realizing that he was the one who stole the relic to summon Rider. Waver cowers, but Rider comes to his defense.

Rider calls out to the ones hiding in the darkness, and Gilgamesh reveals himself. Gilgamesh immediately reveals his Noble Phantasm, and the others recognize him.

Gilgamesh looks down on Berserker

However, he is interrupted by the appearance of Berserker, who reveals a strange ability to hide his abilities from the Masters.

Gilgamesh turns his attack on Berserker, but it has no effect. Gilgamesh tries to continue to use his attack, but Tokiomi uses a command seal to force him to retreat. Berserker then goes berserk, and shows that his Noble Phantasm allows him to turn objects that he’s holding into Noble Phantasm.


Lancer saving Saber from Berserker's attack

Saber is almost hit, but Lancer stops the attack. Lancer’s Master chides him for this, but Lancer wishes to defeat Saber honorably. However, Lancer’s Master uses a command seal to force Lancer to work with Berserker. Saber begs Iris to leave, but she refuses, believing in Kiritsugu.

Caster watching Saber

Kiritsugu tries to snipe Lancer’s Master to save Saber, but Rider intervenes, attacking Berserker and forcing Lancer and his Master to withdraw. The big engagement finally ends, and everyone goes their separate ways. Meanwhile, Caster resolves to pursue Saber, having watched the battle from the shadows.

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