Rin Tohsaka, as opposed to the Rin Tohsaka in the main story, is the mage overseeing Illya's activities in
Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. 




Rin has a very competitive rivalry with Luvia, especially regarding their mutual feelings for Shirou. Their fighting brings great destruction all around them, and it often brings them larger problems afterward. They do share a deep friendship, but it is overshadowed by their fighting.


Rin differs from her main counterpart in various ways. She and her family have had no participation in the Holy Grail War ritual, having never even heard of it or the Einzbern family. She fell for Shirou in the same manner after seeing him stubbornly attempt a high jump that was impossible for him, but started displaying her feelings for him more openly. She was allowed into the Mage's Association at a much younger age and put under the direct tutelage of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. She was given the assignment to claim the Class Cards along with Luvia, and she was given the Kaleidostick, Magical Ruby, to accomplish the task.


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Rin arrives in Fuyuki with Luvia, but their fighting causes their Kaleidostick's to reject them and cancel their contracts. Ruby ends up in the hands of Ilya, and due to the Kaleidostick taking a liking to her, Rin forces her to act as her "servant" and collect the cards in her place.


Rin is an accomplished magus, and when allowed by Ruby to assume a Magical Girl form, displays great capability. Though normally competent, her conflicts with Luvia often cause them to perform various embarrassing blunders that leave Illya and Miyu with a negative opinion of their skills.


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