Tanaka (田中, ?) is a character in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.




Tanaka is amnesiac women who tends to forget a lot of things except for her name. However she is upbeat, cheerful, and she is also comic relief when she's not serious. She tends to sleep when she doesn't understand what people are trying to explain. Tanaka has a mind of a child which was stated by Illya. For some reason, Tanaka likes to wear work out clothes instead of wearing regular clothes. 


Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma IllyaEdit


While Tanaka has shown no extraordinary skills, likely due to her amnesia, she does possess several passive abilities in regards to her body that are superhuman in nature.

Tanaka doesn't appear susceptible to the cold, and during her encounter with Darius Ainsworth, starts to generate enough heat to burn Kuro on touch. This effect seems to be continuous as after the battle she continued to generate enough heat to make the room she was in uncomfortably warm.

She has also shown to be durable to the point that repeated attacks by Beatrice, while equipped with her Berserker Class Card including taking a direct hit from its lightning strike failed to do any long term damage, instead simply destroying her clothes.

During the initial encounter with Darius Ainsworth, Tanaka entered a trance-like state where, using an unknown ability, she managed to create a blast which destroyed the Noble Phantasm Apneic Beauty where even a direct hit with Caladbolg II from the Archer Card had no effect.